Never Cry Wolf (1983): Stunning Adventure from Carroll (Black Stallion) Ballard

This terrifically entertaining adventure, about man versus wolves of the Arctic Circle, is marked by stunning imagery of a Northern winter.

Writer and director Carroll Ballard, who previously made the brilliant tale, The Black Stallion, adapted to the screen Farley Mowat’s autobiographical novel of the same name.

Charles Martin Smith plays Tyler, a biologist determined to prove that the caribou herds are not being decimated by wolves, but he is unable to adapt to the deep freeze around him.

After he sets up his first stake-out, a native Inuit, Oolek (Zachary Ittimangnaq), helps him out settling in an isolated hut, where Tyler is left to fend for himself. T

Tyler begins to closely observe a wolf family he has already dubbed as George, Angeline, and the three pups, with whom he has some comic interactions. Oolek and his friend Mike (Samson Jorah) drop by to keep Tyler company for awhile, sharing their observations on nature and life in an easy-going manner.

Tyler’s perseverance and the knowledge gained from experience leads to capturing the real culprit in decimating the caribou

Oscar Nominations:

Sound: Alan R. Splet, Todd Boekelheide, Randy Thom, David Parker

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Sound Oscar was Philip Kaufman’s The Right Stuff


Running time: 105 minutes.

Directed by Carroll Ballard

Written by Farley Mowat and Curtis Hanson

DVD: Feb 22, 2000