Blockbuster Movies: Top Pictures Worldwide (By Year)

When it comes to the global box-office, the big just keep getting bigger. The graduating class of 2004 proved to be the biggest of them all, with DreamWorks Shrek 2 leading the charge, with $914.5 million (number 7th).

Altogether, a record eight films released last year worked their way into the top 50 worldwide box-office champions of all time, besting the class of 2001, which placed seven films in the top 50.

Box-Office Champions: Top Films by Year

1973: The Exorcist

1975: Jaws

1977: Star Wars

1980: The Empire Strikes Back

1982: E.T.

1983: The Return of the Jedi

1989: Indiana Jones and Last Crusade

1990: Home Alone

1992: Aladdin

1993: Jurassic Park


The Lion King
Forrest Gump

1996: Mission: Impossible


Men in Black
The Lost World: Jurassic Park

1998: Armageddon


The Matrix
Star Wars: Phantom Menace
The Sixth Sense


Mission: Impossible II
Toy Story 2


Harry Potter/Sorcerers Stone
Monsters, Inc.
Lord of Rings:


Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Spider Man
Lord of Rings: Two Towers


The Matrix Reloaded
Finding Nemo
Pirates of the Carribeans
Last Samurai
Lord of Rings: Return of the King


The Passion of the Christ
Shrek 2
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The Incredibles
Spider Man 2
The Day After Tomorrow