Midnight Mary (1933): Wellman’s Pre-Code Crime Melodrama, Starring Loretta Young

William Wellman directed Midnight Mary, pre-Code crime melodrama, starring Loretta Young, Ricardo Cortez, and Franchot Tone.

Loretta Young plays Mary Martin, a woman on trial for murder. As the jury leaves to deliberate her fate, the story flashbacks on Mary’s hard life as a woman living in a large city.

Structured as a triangle, Mary is involved with two men, gangster Leo Darcy (Ricardo Cortez), and lawyer Tom Mannering, Jr. (Franchot Tone).

Loretta Young as Mary Martin (“Midnight Mary”)
Ricardo Cortez as Leo Darcy
Franchot Tone as Tom Mannering, Jr.
Andy Devine as Sam Travers
Una Merkel as Bunny
Frank Conroy as the District Attorney
Warren Hymer as Angelo Ricci
Ivan Simpson as Tindle
Harold Huber as ‘Puggy’ Nestle
Sandy Roth as Blimp

Running time: 74 Minutes

Release: June 30, 1933