Medium, The (1952): Filmed Opera by Gian Carlo Menotti

This filmed opera, composed by Gian-Carlo Menotti, tells the story of a fraudulent medium Marie Powers, whose mute and crippled son Leo Coleman helps to fleece her customers.

During one seance, Powers feels a hand clutching her throat. She assumes it is her son who is responsible.

Anna Maria Alberghetti makes her screen debut as the girl who boards in the medium’s apartment.

The libretto is written and sung in English

Oscar Nominations: 1

Scoring of Musical: Gian Carlo Menotti

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner was Alfred Newman for the score of With a Song in My Heart.


Running time:returns to visit his sweetheart Anna Maria Alberghetti (another of the medium’s beleaguered assistants). His mother, assuming that her house has been invaded by burglars, kills the boy. Whether or not her punishment is Divine Intervention is left for the viewer to ponder. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi 80 minutes

Directed By: Gian Carlo Menotti

DVD: Apr 12, 2005