Mechanic, The (1972): Actioner Starring Charles (Death Wish) Bronson

In the midst of the popular right wing series, “Death Wish” (and its various sequels), Charles Bronson made a quickie actioner, simply titled “The Mechanic.”

Bronson works alone as a hit man for a vague network, “The Organization.” But when willing acolyte Jan-Michael Vincent proves he is just as touch and skillful as he is, Bronson agrees to become his mentor to train him.

Rivalry (as well as male bonding) ensues. Occasionally the pupil proves too stubborn and individualistic.
Looks like it might be a case of the pupil overtaking the master, though, when Vincent begins to get some peculiar ideas of his own.

Having worked extensively with him. director Michael Winner knows well the strengths and weakness of Bronson as an actor and star, and “The Mechanic” is pretty much a conventional, schlocky, violent actioner.