Max: Uplifiting Drama about Military Dog

The weekend’s other new wide release, “Max,” an uplifting drama about a military dog combined pooches and patriotism to the tune of $12.2 million across 2,855 locations.

Shot for $20 million, the Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer co-production was expected to open to roughly $10 million.

Women accounted for 55% of tickets sold, while the audience was 57% over the age of 25.

The film did well in the South and the Midwest, areas with a high percentage of military families,  said Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros. distribution executive vice president.

“The patriotic core audience in those places played a big part in its success,” said Goldstein, adding, “This is the kind of movie that in the summertime can hang around and get a good multiple on its opening.”