Master Race, The (1944): Biberman’s Political Drama

Herbert Biberman directed the political drama, The Master Race, written by him, Anne Froelich and Rowland Leigh, based on his story.

The film stars George Coulouris, Stanley Ridges, Osa Massen, Carl Esmond, Nancy Gates, Morris Carnovsky, Lloyd Bridges, Helen Beverly, Gavin Muir and Paul Guilfoyle.

As the Nazis begin to realize that Germany is about to be defeated, a fanatical hard core prepare for the future Fourth Reich and the continuation of Aryan supremacy in later generations.

Nazi officer von Beck is sent to infiltrate a village in rural Belgium, tasked with agitating for racial supremacy for “true Europeans” over lesser “mongrel” races.

George Coulouris as Von Beck
Stanley Ridges as Phil Carson
Osa Massen as Helena
Carl Esmond as Andrei
Nancy Gates as Nina
Morris Carnovsky as Old Man Bartoc
Lloyd Bridges as Frank
Eric Feldary as Altmeier
Helen Beverly as Mrs. Varin
Gavin Muir as William Forsythe
Paul Guilfoyle as Katry


Music by Roy Webb
Cinematography: Russell Metty
Edited by Ernie Leadlay
Produced and directed by RKO Pictures
Release date: October 18, 1944
Running time: 95 minutes



I am grateful to TCM for showing this film on November 4, 2019.