Mannequin (1938): Joan Crawford’s Potboiler Co-Starring Spencer Tracy

A typical Joan Crawford star vehicle, Mannequin tells the story of Jessie Cassidy, a girl of the tenements, hoping to escape her shabby surroundings.

Jessie marries Eddie Miller (Alan Curtis), a childhood friend who has become rich after a series of dishonest business ventures.

Spencer Tracy plays another refugee from Jessie’s neighborhood, John Hennessy, who has also worked his way up, but more honestly than Eddie.
Faced with debts, Eddie orders Jessie to divorce him and marry John for his money, then divorce John and return to Eddie with the cash. Jessie reluctantly agrees, but she double-crosses Eddie upon falling in love with John.

Eddie threatens to spill the beans to John about their little “arrangement,” whereupon John saves his marriage by losing his own fortune.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Song: Always and Always, music by Edward Ward, lyrics by Chet Forrest and Bob Right.

Oscar Context:
The winner was Thank for the Memories, by Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin, from the movie Big Broadcast of 1938.

Running time: 95 minutes
Directed by Frank Borzage
Written by Lawrence Hazard
DVD: June 24, 1992