Man Who Walked Alone, The (1945): War Serio Comedy

In this minor serio comedy, a war hero, Cpl. Marion Scott (Dave “Tex” O’Brien), returns home following a medical discharge and gets romantically involved with a rich young woman Kay Aldridge (Wilhelmina Hammond) speeding away from her wedding day in her fiance’s car.

Seeing the serviceman, she gives him a ride and explains her predicament.  The cops capture them and accuse the soldier of desertion, but, not to worry, the tale ends happily

Oscar Nominations: 1

Scoring: Karl Hajos

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner was Miklos Rosza for Hitchcock’s “Spellbound.”

This was the last year of the open door policy, which began in 1937, when studios could submit their own nominees in this category.  As a result, there were 21 entries!


Running time: 70 Minutes


Directed by Christy Cabanne


March 15, 1945 Wide