Lucky Jordan: Starring Alan Ladd

Alan Ladd, blond, handsome and short, became a major star after making two crime pictures, “This Gun for Hire” and “The Glass Key,” both released in 1942.

Cashing in on his popularity, Paramount cast Ladd in the role of a poolroom racketeer who gets drafted into the military despite his sincere efforts to avoid it.

A problem soldier, he soon winds up in the guardhouse, only to escape and get involved in an international spy ring.


Alan Ladd
Helen Walker
Marie McDonald
Mabel Paige
Sheldon Leonard
Lloyd Corrigan
Russell Hoyt
Joan Wengraf
Dave Willock

Release date: January 24, 1943
Produced by Fred Kohlmar.
Directed by Frank Tuttle.
Screenplay by Darrel Ware and Karl Tunberg.

Based on a story by Charles Leonard.