Lost Volcano, The (1950): Adventure for Children, Third in Series of Bomba, the Jungle Boy

The Lost Volcano was the third in the 12-film Bomba, the Jungle Boy series.

The parents of a young boy think Bomba is just an imaginary friend of their son’s. Luckily, they learn differently after the boy is kidnapped by a pair of crooked jungle guides who are searching for a lost city’s treasure.

Bomba [played nicely by Johnny Sheffield] rescues the boy, battles a croc, and with the help of an erupting volcano and a python, finishes off the bad guys.

Johnny Sheffield
Donald Woods
Marjorie Lord
John Ridgely
Robert Lewis
Elena Verdugo
Don C. Harvey
Grandon Rhodes
Tommy Ivo

Directed by Ford Beebe
Produced by Walter Mirisch
Written by Jack DeWitt
Starring Johnny Sheffield
Release date: 1950
Running time: 67 minutes