Lost Rivers: Caroline Bacle’s Environmental Docu

Unbeknownst to urban dwellers, buried beneath every major metropolis are a network or convergence of rivers. As urban living grew with the Industrial Revolution, these rivers became conduits for disease and pollution.

The 19th-century solution was to merge them with sewer systems and to hide them underground. These rivers still run through the cities of today, but they do so out of sight.

Lost Rivers examines hidden waterways around the world from the U.S. to the U.K., from Korea to Italy.

In this timely docu, the viewers are introduced to environmentalists and urban explorers re-discovering their city’s network of medieval rivers. As climate change forces us to reconsider the relationship between built and natural environments, a fascinating secret of contemporary ecology is revealed.

Directed by Caroline Bacle in her feature debut, Lost Rivers played in over 20 documentary, urbanism and environmental film festivals.

Icarus Films has acquired American distribution to Lost Rivers.