Living Is Easy (2014): One of Spain’s Best Films

Classic arthouse-crossover fare, sold by Six Sales, and an Outsider Pictures U.S. release, “Living Is Easy” has already received large backing from Spain’s Academy, winning best picture, director, original screenplay and actor (Javier Camara).

It is anchored by Javier Camara’s performance as a mild-mannered English teacher who drives to Almeria in a 1966 Spain, still under dictator Francisco Franco, in the wild hopes of meeting John Lennon, there to shoot “How I Won the War.”

On the way, he picks up two runaways in a film that charts three individuals’ modest rebellion against authority and bigotry that, however minor, was the stuff of which Spain’s transition to democracy was made.

“Living Is Easy” also took the Cine Latino award at this year’s Palm Springs Festival, beating out multiple foreign-language Oscar submissions from last year.