Little Women: BBC PBS Adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Classic Novel

Little Women, the new adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, has put behind the camera.

The team behind the three-part special is helmed by Vanessa Caswill (“Thirteen”), written by Heidi Thomas (“Call the Midwife”), and produced by Susie Liggat (“Fortitude”).

There have been three star-driven Hollywood movies of Little Women, all successful at the box-office.

Former HBO executive Colin Callender’s production company Playground made the show and, along with BBC and PBS Masterpiece, hopes for a big family hit beginning Tuesday evening in the U.K., even if the story resonates more strongly with women, exec producer Sophie Gardiner said.

“We sought out the best people for the job, which in this instance resulted in a female-led team,” she said. “Whenever you are casting, you need people who can properly connect and engage with the material. It seemed the people who connected with it most simply and most clearly and knew what it was really about – how girls become women – were women.”