Life Is Easy with the Eyes Closed: Spain’s Oscar Entry, Directed by Trueba

David Trueba’s Life Is Easy with the Eyes Closed, Spain’s submission for the 2014 Best Foreign Language Oscar, is set in 1966, at the height of the Beatles international popularity.

The comedy’s protagonist, Antonio (Javier Camara) works as a teacher, but his life is dominated by obsession with the Beatles.  For example, he teaches his pupils English by having them recite the lyrics to the tune “Help”.

When Antonio learns that his idol John Lennon is shooting in Almeria the Richard Lester film, How I won the War, he resolves to meet him.

The tale unfolds as an an adventurous journey of a triangle.  During the trip, he picks up two young runaways, Belen, a pregnant girl fleeing a convent, and Juanjo, a boy escaping a dictatorial father.
Running time: 108 Minutes minutes