Life After Flash: Lisa Downs’ Feature of Sam Jones, after his Iconic Role in Flash Gordon

Written and directed by Lisa Downs, Life After Flash explores the life of Sam J. Jones after his iconic performance as ‘Flash Gordon’ in the 1980 classic of the same name.

It probes the aftermath of the young star’s clash with one of Hollywood’s most powerful producer, Dino De Laurentiis.

The feature documentary examines the reasons why Mike Hodges’s movie has had such an enduring impact on audiences over the past four decades.

The docu offers a look at the real man behind the heroic mask: his successes, his battles, and his ultimate struggle for redemption.


Writer & Director: Lisa Downs
Cast: Sam J. Jones
Producers: Lisa Downs & Ashley Pugh
Executive Producers: Sam J. Jones, Aleksandar Smiljanic, & Matt Pasant
Runtime: 94 minutes