Letters to Father Jacob

"Letters to Father Jacob" is a drama about two moving characters, each on their own unusual path. Leila, recently pardoned from a life-sentence for murder, goes to work as a personal assistant to Pastor Jacob. At the rectory, two completely different lives become unexpectedly intertwined, and the roles of the helper and the one being helped are turned upside down.

Director-writer Klaus Haro is an award-winning filmmaker, best known for “Mother of Mine” (Audience Award/Palm Springs International Film Festival; Crystal Bear/Cairo International Film Festival); “Elina: As if I Didn’t Exist” (Crystal Bear/Berlin International Film Festival) as well as “The New Man.”  In total, Haro’s films have won more than 60 prizes in festivals around the world, and in 2004 he was awarded the Ingmar Bergman Award, the winner of which is chosen by Bergman himself.  Haro works in both Sweden and Finland and is known for his skill and sensitivity at handling serious subjects.