LA Story (1991): Mick Jackson’s Romantic Comedy Starring Steve Martin

Steve Martin wrote and stars in this Mick Jackson-directed romantic comedy, which offers a quirky look at the multi-faced milieu of modern Los Angeles.

Martin stars as Harris K. Telemacher, a TV weatherman who does wacky comedy in lieu of reports. Living in L.A., he has very little weather to report.

He spends more time roller-skating through museums and meeting California’s strange and beautiful people.

After Telemacher is fired, he discovers that his girlfriend Trudi (Marilu Henner) is having an affair. Midlife crisis forces him to reevaluates his life, getting advice from a friendly electronic highway road sign.

The sign suggests that he call SanDeE (Sarah Jessica Parker), a sprightly and attractive Valley Girl he met in a clothing store. With SanDeE he experiences a liberating and carefree spirit.

But Telemacher comes to realize that he has actually fallen in love with Sara (Victoria Tennant), a tuba-playing British journalist, assigned to do a feature on Los Angeles lifestyles.

MPAA: PG-13.

Running time: 98 minutes.

Directed by Mick Jackson

Written by Steve Martin

Released: Februray 8, 1991