La Chienne (1931): Jean Renoir’s Classic, Starring Michel Simon

Jean Renoir’s La Chienne, his second sound film, probes into an unusual, ruthless love triangle.

A precursor to his brilliant 1939 satire The Rules of the Game, it displays all of the filmmaker’s visual genius and is imbued with his sense of humanity.

A hangdog Michel Simon (who had appeared in Renoir’s classic, Boudu Saved from Drowning) is a tragic figure, an unhappily married cashier and amateur painter who becomes so smitten with a prostitute that he refuses to see the obvious: that she and her pimp boyfriend are exploiting him.


Renoir’s famously elegant compositions and camera movements are suitable for this twisting and turning narrative, a stinging commentary on class and sexual politics, leading to an unforgettably ironic conclusion.

Special Edition Features

• New, restored 4K digital transfer, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray

• Introduction to the film by director Jean Renoir from 1967

• New interview with Renoir scholar Christopher Faulkner

• New restoration of On purge bébé (1931), Renoir’s first sound film, also starring Michel Simon and never before on Blu-ray or DVD in the U.S.

• Jean Renoir le patron: “Michel Simon” (1966), a ninety-minute French television program featuring a conversation between Renoir and Simon, moderated by filmmaker Jacques Rivette.

• New English subtitle translation

Running time: 96 Minutes


In French with English subtitles

1.19:1 aspect ratio