Karloff: West of Shanghai (1937)

Warner is releasing this month a three film bundle from cinematic icon Boris Karloff (Frankenstein, The Mask of Fu Manchu), including West of Shanghai.

Classic film and horror fans will see three different screen personas from the master thespian: a loveable rogue, an innocent victim, and a defiant victim, all departures from Karloff’s more iconic ‘master of menace’ persona. The Boris Karloff Triple Feature includes:

West of Shanghai (1937)

This film sees Karloff don the robes of Chinese bandit turned Warlord, General Fang, alongside a truly terrific ensemble (including Ricardo Cortez, Beverly Roberts, Gordon Oliver and Sheila Bromley) in this Asian flavored adaptation of the Western drama “The Bad Man.”

The Invisible Menace (1938)

Karloff is the lynchpin for the munitions murder mystery/wedding night farce, playing Jevries, a quiet, embittered victim of a criminally enterprising ordinance expert. When that expert turns up dead, all suspicion falls on Jevries.

Devil’s Island (1939)

Karloff delivers a total knockout as a doctor set against the disease of France’s notorious penal colony system. Righteous, defiant and unwilling to surrender, Karloff’s Dr. Charles Gaudet deserves his place within the cinematic pantheon of truly cool convicts.