Justice League: Reshoots–Familiar but Expensive Process

Warner and DC are spending big money for Justice League to be artistically satisfying.

The studio is spending about $25 million on extensive reshoots in London and Los Angeles.

Like “The Avengers,” “Justice League” centers on a group of superheroes who band together to save the world. The ensemble nature of the comic book movie, and the fact that its cast includes popular stars, has created scheduling headaches prolonged the shooting.

The cost and time allotted to the additional work on “Justice League” exceeds the norms. Reshoots usually cost between $6 million and $10 million, and they typically last a few weeks.

Affleck and Gal Gadot, who play Batman and Wonder Woman, aren’t working on any other projects at the moment, facilitating the reshoots. But Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill are busy.

Miller reprises his “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” role in the film’s sequel, which started filming this summer. His growing role in the world of wizarding series has made it difficult for him to suit up as the Flash on the same days other actors are around.

“Justice League’s” Man of Steel hoped to finish shooting the sixth “Mission: Impossible” film, but it was not possible.  Paramount, which distributes the “Mission: Impossible” sequel, would not allow Cavill to shave the facial hair while production was taking place.

Whose Film Is It Anyway: Credits

Joss Whedon has spent months overseeing the project, but he will not receive a co-directing credit.  Whedon stepped in to handle the reshoots and finish the film this spring after director Zack Snyder left, after his daughter’s suicide in March. Whedon may also get a producing credit or a screenplay credit.

The “Justice League” reshoots are to punch up the dialogue. Whedon, the director of “The Avengers,” is known for creating witty dialogue.  What Snyder shot is usable, but Whedon has been working on “connective tissue” that was needed to link sequences.


“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “World War Z” had extensive reshoots, and both became commercially and critically successful. “Suicide Squad,” another DC film, also did a lot of extra filming. The movie was a box office hit, but critics savaged the picture.

The reports of re-shoots have alarmed fans of the DC franchise. At San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, where sneak footage of the film was well received, the “Justice League” cast used its panel to downplay the additional photography.