Justice League: Director Zack Debuts the Snyder Cut Trailer

Director Zack Snyder Debuts ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Trailer, Reveals Four Part Release Plan

Director Zack Snyder revealed the extended first look at the Snyder Cut of  Justice League during the DC FanDome virtual convention on Saturday.

Snyder said the film will be released on HBO Max in 2021 in four, one-hour segments, as well as having an option to watch it as an unbroken four-hour movie. He also said there’s work on a “distribution plan” to release the movie outside of the streaming service.

The full teaser is something of a triumph for “Justice League” fans, who willed the Snyder Cut into existence.

Due to a family tragedy, Snyder stepped away from the production in May 2017, and filmmaker Joss Whedon (“The Avengers,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron”) took over directing duties for extensive additional photography.

Fans felt the ultimate theatrical version released in November 2017 compromised Snyder’s original vision, and spent years in a grassroots campaign to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. This May, they got their wish when Snyder announced he was completing his cut of the film.