Jurassic Park: Imax 3D of Spielberg 1993 Blockbuster

April 7, 2013–“Jurassic Park” performed in line with expectations that were uncertain before the weekend. The actioner took $7 million Friday for second, and landed in the high teens through Sunday.

Indeed, Universal’s 3D conversion of “Jurassic Park” did well estimating $18.2 million, of which Imax contributed a record-setting 32% (or roughly $6 million).

Compared to other 3D conversions, “Jurassic Park” now has the third-largest opening behind “The Lion King” ($30 million) and “Star Wars: Episode I–The Phantom Menace” ($22 million).

Imax was a considerable coup for “Jurassic” this weekend. The film, which was frontloaded because of fan boy turnout, actually saw a slight overall Friday-to-Saturday bump, thanks to a sizable 32% increase in Imax. “Jurassic Park” had 312 domestic Imax locations–just 11% of its total 2,771.