Joker: Juoquin Phoenix Dominates Domestic and International Box-Office

Joker showed worldwide power, dominated both domestic and international moviegoing this weekend.

The movie scored $140.5 million from 22,552 screens in 73 markets for Warner, which releases the movie.

Along with the American results, the worldwide opening weekend totaled an impressive $234 million, outperforming all expectations.

Directed by Todd Phillips, Joker has been the subject of scrutiny in weeks leading up to its release over fears that the disturbing origin story of Batman’s infamous foe could inspire violence — a scenario had not materialized as of Sunday.

Joker generated the biggest 2019 opening for a Warner title in 39 markets including UK, Russia, Italy, Spain, Poland, UAE, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

It was also the biggest October opening weekend in 21 markets including Spain, UAE, Brazil, Mexico and Australia and the best opening weekend in half a dozen markets including Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea and Chile.