In the Name of My Daughter (2014): Director André Téchiné and Actress Catherine Deneuve Seventh Collaboration

A fictionalized account of true, scandalous events, In the Name of My Daughter, offers a detailed, emotionally charged chronicle of the disappearance of a casino heiress, Agnès Le Roux, in 1977.

Frennch title, L’Homme que l’on aimait trop, translates into “The Man Who’s Loved Too Much.”

Based on the memoir Une femme face à la Mafia by Agnès Le Roux’s mother and brother, the movie marks the seventh fertile collaboration between André Téchiné and his favorite actress, Catherine Deneuve.

The plot mixes elements of crime feuds, mother-daughter relationship and courtroom drama, set against the broader contexts of the French Riviera’s casinos world and subcultures and the mafia wars in the 1970s.