In Person (1935): Ginger Rogers as Insecure Movie Star

A reliable performer (under contract to RKO), Ginger Rogers appeared in the minor comedy, In Person, playing a dual role as an insecure diva.

Carol Corliss, a beautiful movie star is so unstable about her fame that she assumes another identity in public, Clara Colfax.

Things change when she meets a rugged outdoorsman who is unimpressed by her position and status.

The two men in the romantic triangle are played By George Brent and Alan Mowbray.

Finger Rogers Sings

Rogers sings two songs in the film. “Don’t Mention Love To Me” and “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, music by Oscar Levant and lyrics by Dorothy Fields.

Made on a low budget of about half a million dollars, the film made a modest profit, and kept Rogers in the public eye, alongside her more popular dance musicals with Fred Astaire.  Rogers would win the Best Actress Oscar in 1940 for the melodrama, Kitty Foyle.

Release date: November 22, 1935.


I had a chance to revisit the film when TCM showed it on December 11, 2018.