Identical, The: Marcellino’s Tale of Twins

the_identical_posterEarnest and plain, “The Identical” is a misfire.  That’s too bad since the tale has an intriguing premise in probing the timely and controversial issue of nature versus nurture.

Blake Rayne plays two roles: Identical twin brothers, who are separated at birth during the Great Depression.

Their parents (Brian Geraghty and Amanda Crew) are simply unable to provide both children a decent life beyond poverty. As a result, one is adopted by loving family, while the other stays with his parents.

Despite their very different socialization, the boys’ shared passion for music causes their lives to intersect as they experience a powerful if bizarre and mysterious bond.

Scribe Howard Klausner raises some timely issues, but his screenplay is too diffuse to generate any meaning, and the plodding execution by helmer Dustin Marcellino, who seems to lack basic technical skills in shaping a picture, makes things worse.

“The Identical,” sponsored by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (the MJAA) seem so concerned to be inspirational that, ironically, in the end it comes across as a simplistic meesage movie.


Running time: 107 minutes.

Directed by Dustin Marcellino

Written by Howard Klausner