Hustlers: Stripper Barbash Threatens to File Suit

The stripper who inspired Jennifer Lopez’s character Ramona in Hustlers is threatening to file suit, claiming that the producers never paid her for her life story.

Samantha Barbash was the alleged mastermind behind a ring of strippers who drugged their clients and took their credit cards. She pleaded guilty in 2017 and was sentenced to five years of probation. The story of the fraud ring, as told to New York Magazine in 2015, was adapted into “Hustlers,” which scored the biggest opening weekend in STX’s history.

Barbash’s attorney, Bruno Gioffre, sent a letter to STX on Monday protesting the “flagrant violation of her rights,” and threatening to sue if a deal isn’t worked out within 10 days.

In response, STX said it was entitled to make the movie without Barbash’s permission.
“We will defend our right to tell factually based stories based on the public record and look forward to resolving this matter before a judge,” an STX spokesperson said.