Humboldt County: Serio Comedy from Directors Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs

Humboldt County is a dramedy from directors Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, who co-wrote the script for their feature debut.

Grodsky and Jacobs affectionate nod to 1970s American filmmaking brings together an ensemble of established actors that includes Brad Dourif, Frances Conroy, Peter Bogdanovich, Fairuza Balk; rising stars Jeremy Strong, Chris Messina, and youngster Madison Davenport.

Located on the far North Coast of California and on the margins of society is a region nicknamed The Lost Coast, but geographically known as Humboldt County.

It’s there, amongst the states breathtaking Redwood forests that marijuana farmers co-exist peacefully within the rural community. It’s there that Peter Hadley (Jeremy Strong), a promising but tightly-wound UCLA medical student, finds himself stranded when hes deposited at the multi-generational family home of the free-spirited Bogart (Fairuza Balk), following a drunken one-night stand.

Frustrated and disillusioned with his life after his professor-father (Peter Bogdanovich) fails him on an important exam, the unworldly Peter at first rejects the welcoming yet eccentric pot-smoking strangers, along with their eclectic group of friends and fellow farmers, but soon allows himself to be embraced by their ideals and begins to see life a bit clearer.

Magnolia Pictures will release the movie in Los Angeles and New York on September 26, followed by a national roll-out.

Running Time: 96 minutes
Rating: Unrated