Hullabaloo (1940): Edwin L. Martin’s Musical Comedy,

Edwin L. Marin directed Hullabaloo, a musical comedy written by Nat Perrin, and starrins Frank Morgan, Virginia Grey, Dan Dailey, and Billie Burke.

Frank Morgan plays fading actor Frankie Merriweather who is trying to revive his career by starring on a radio program. When his broadcast, a sci-fi invasion from Mars story, panics the nation, he is fired. He decides to jumpstart his career by creating a new show which features his talented children.

Morgan reenacts the current MGM hit film Boom Town, with Morgan’s character, Frank Merriweather imitating the voices of that film’s stars. In fact, the Boom Town stars’ voices– Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Spencer Tracy, and Hedy Lamarr–were dubbed over Morgan’s.

Frank Morgan as Frankie Merriweather
Virginia Grey as Laura Merriweather
Dan Dailey as Bob Strong
Billie Burke as Penny Merriweather
Nydia Westman as Lulu Perkins
Ann Morriss as Wilma Norton
Donald Meek as Clyde Perkins
Reginald Owen as Buzz Foster
Charles Holland as Singing Bellhop
Leni Lynn as Judy Merriweather
Virginia O’Brien as Virginia Ferris
Curt Bois as Armand Francois
Sara Haden as Sue Merriweather
Larry Nunn as Terry Merriweather
Barnett Parker as Samuel Stephens


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