Hooper (1978): Hal Needham’s Loving Tribute to Stuntmen, Starring Burt Reynolds and Sally Field

Made as a loving tribute to stuntmen, an underrecognized profession at the time, Hooper is an action-comedy directed by former stuntman Hal Needham, starring Burt Reynolds.

The titular character, referred to as “The Greatest Stuntman Alive,” works as a stunt coordinator on an actioner, The Spy Who Laughed at Danger, directed by Roger Deal (Robert Klein) and starring Adam West (playing himself).

Sonny’s antics and wisecracks are a trial for the director and his assistant, Tony (Alfie Wise).   He is a middle aged man, whose years of physical abuse on the job, the numerous stunt gags, and his use of alcohol and painkillers are beginning to take their toll.

Some relief is offered by Gwen Doyle (Sally Field), his girlfriend who is first hand familiar with the joys and hazards of his job, because she lives with her father Jocko (Brian Keith, always excellent), a retired vet stuntman.