Hollywood Hotel (1937): Busby Berkeley’s Musical, Starring Dick Powell

Directed by Busby Berkeley, Hollywood Hotel, whose title derives from a popular CBS radio talent show, is one of Warner ‘s last major 1930s musical.
Dick Powell plays Ronnie Bowers, a sax player who comes to Tinsel Town after winning a talent contest. Hoping that his prize would be a date with the gorgeous Rosemary Lane, instead he gets her double.
Later he appears on the radio show of Hollywood gossip columnist Louella Parson’s and becomes a star.
Songs include: “Hooray for Hollywood,” “Let That Be A Lesson To You,” “Sing, You Son Of A Gun,” “I’ve Hitched My Wagon To A Star,” “Silhouetted In The Moonlight,” and “I’m A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas.”
Release date: December 20, 1937 
Running time: 109 Minutes
End Note:
TCM showed the movie on December 20, 2018, as part of tribute to Dick Powell.