Stronger: Starring Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal had wanted to play his part in Stronger as convincingly as possible. To that extent, he embarked on a complete physical transformation to portray Jeff Bauman, the hero who lost both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013.

Opening in September, the film and Gyllenhaal got good reviews.  Before the movie opened, he was considered to be a serious contender for the Best Actor Oscar.  To date, Gyllenhaal has been nominated only once, for Best Supporting Actor as the gay cowboy in the 2005 Brokeback Mountain.

So why did Stronger fail so miserably at the box-office?  Playing in 645 screens, it only grossed $4 million at the domestic box-office

Was the public not interested anymore in the subject, which has been portrayed before in films and TV docu dramas?

Was the timing of release (September) wrong?

Was his reputation damaged by the embarrassingly ridiculous performance he gave in “Okja,” which world premiered in the 2017 Cannes Fest in May?

Like Robert Pattinson (“Twilight” series), who’s 31, and Chris Pine (“Star Trek” franchise), who’s 37, Gyllanhaal, also 37, is a gifted actor who’s determined to expand his range and to be taken seriously as an actor, rather than a handsome star.