13 Minutes: Hirschbiegel’s Tale of Attempt to Assassinate Hitler

Oliver Hirschbiegel’s “13 Minutes,” about a resistance fighter who tried to assassinate Hitler, has been picked up by several further international distributors after the film’s promo reel was shown at the American Film Market.

The film has also attracted strong interest from U.S. buyers.

The film centers on Georg Elser’s failed bomb attack on Hitler on Nov. 8, 1939 in the Munich Buergerbraukeller, where the Nazi dictator left the scene only 13 minutes before the explosion. The story follows Elser from his early years in the Swabian Alps to his last days at the Dachau concentration camp, where he was killed shortly before the end of the war.

Studiocanal previously nabbed all-rights deals on the film for U.K. and Ireland, and now has taken the rights for Australia and New Zealand.

Hirschbiegel previously directed Oscar-nominated pic “Downfall,” Liam Neeson starrer “Five Minutes of Heaven,” which won a directing prize at Sundance, and Naomi Watts starrer “Diana.”

“13 Minutes” stars Christian Friedel (“The White Ribbon”), Katharina Schuettler (“Generation War”) and Burghart Klaussner (“The White Ribbon”).