Hide Your Smiling Faces: Daniel Patrick Carbone’s Coming of Age Tale

Daniel Patrick Carbone makes a promising directing debut in “Hide Your Smiling Faces,” a coming of age classic, adding an honorable panel to this popular genre.

World-premiering at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festivals, Hide Your Smiling Faces will be released by Tribeca Films on March 28, three days after being available on VOD.

As a member of the National Society of Film Critics, I am very pleased that we honored Hide Your Smiling Facs with our “Best Film Still Awaiting Distribution” distinction.

On the surface, the plot, set over one hot and hazy summer, sounds simple and familiar, but it is not. After a neighborhood tragedy, two young brothers, Tommy (Ryan Jones), who is 9, and Eric (Nathan Varnson), 14, must face all kinds of issues:  relationships that keep changing due to age and other circumstances, the mystery of nature, and even their own mortality.

What lends this film its distinction is the rich texture and dreamlike, almost hallucinatory mood in depicting this difficult and transitory phase of life, often defined by various tests (of self and others) and rituals of passage.