Happening, The: Silverstein’s Caper Comedy, Starring Anthony Quinn and Faye Dunaway

In the caper comedy The Happening, which is poorly directed by Elliot Silverstein, a quartet of Miami Beach bohemians–Sureshot (Michael Parks), Taurus (George Maharis), Herby (Robert Walker Jr.), and Sandy (Faye Dunaway)–are looking for some fast money.

Though neophyte criminals, they devise a scheme they believe would work. To that extent, they kidnap Roc Delmonico (Anthony Quinn) is a well-known local restaurateur believed to be connected with the Mafia, and hold him for ransom.

To the surprise of the first-time kidnappers and Roc, neither his wife, Monica (Martha Hyer), nor his business partners are willing to pay the $200,000 to set him free.

Lo and behold: The angry Delmonico soon joins forces with his kidnappers, and with his criminal background, he advises them on how to make a hostage situation work.

Roc’s advice is right on the money, and the price for him goes from $200,000 three million dollars. Roc’s new friends are happy, and Delmonico enjoys his revenge on the “friends” who let him down. However, there are some unanticipated complications.

The theme song from “The Happening” was a major hit for Diana Ross & the Supremes.

Running time: 92 minutes.

Directed by Elliot Silverstein.