Half-Naked Truth, The (1932): La Cava’s Pre-Code Comedy, Starring

Gregory La Cava helmed The Half-Naked Truth, a Pre-Code romantic comedy, starring Lee Tracy, Lupe Velez, and Frank Morgan.

Lee Tracy plays fast-talking Jimmy Bates, a man who takes over as publicity agent for a struggling carnival owned by Colonel Munday.

He schemes to bring in customers by promising to reveal the identity of the father of his hot-tempered girlfriend, “hootch dancer” Teresita (Lupe Vélez).

However, when the local sheriff learns that it is a con, Bates, his friend Achilles and Teresita have flee to NY.

Bates urges Gladys to pretend to be “Eve,” the leader of a clique of nudists, and then blackmails Farrell into signing her to his show.  Achilles returns to carnival life, and purchases Colonel Munday’s business.  After a while, Bates also leaves NYC, and reunites with Teresita.

Lupe Vélez as Teresita
Lee Tracy as Bates
Eugene Pallette as Achilles
Frank Morgan as Farrell
Shirley Chambers as Gladys
Franklin Pangborn as Hotel Clerk
Robert McKenzie as Colonel


The film was released on December 16, 1932 by RKO Radio.


TCM showed this movie on April 24, 2020.