Gypsy Colt is (1954): Marton’s Family Movie about Young Girl and Horse (Girl and Horse)

Inspired by the vastly better and more popular Lassie Come Home, which starred the young Elizabeth Taylor, Gypsy Colt is a B-level color feature about the deep bond between a young, stubborn girl and her horse.

Young Meg (Donna Corcoran) is heartbroken when her parents Frank (Ward Bond) and Em MacWade (Frances Dee) are forced to sell to a racnher, her favorite horse, Gypsy Colt.

In the course of the adventurous tale, the horse Gypsy Colt escapes several times, ultimately taking a risky 500-mile journey to return to his rightful and loving owner.


A 60-minute version of Gypsy Colt was made in 1967 as part of the weekly TV anthology Off to See the Wizard.

Moderately budgeted, the film earned $721,000 in the US and $704,000 internationally, making a modest profit of $259,000.


Donna Corcoran as Meg
Ward Bond as Frank
Frances Dee as Em
Lee Van Cleef as Hank
Larry Keating as Wade Y. Gerald
Nacho Galindo as Pancho
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. as Rodolfo
Peggy Maley as Pat
Robert Hyatt as Phil Gerald (as Bobby Hyatt)
Highland Dale as Gypsy, the Horse


I am grateful to TCM for showing the film on October 9, 2019.