Goodbye My Fancy: Joan Crawford’s Programmer

Directed by Vincent Sherman, and based on a play by Fay Kanin, Goodby My Fancy is a serio-comedy that deals with a congresswoman’s journey back to her alma mater.

Joan Crawford plays Agatha Reed, who’s offered an honorary degree at her former college, which provides an opportunity to recall the reason she had been expelled

Nearly twenty years prior, Agatha had an affair with Dr. James Merrill (Robert Young), one of her professors. After her departure, Dr. Merrill rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the school’s president.

Despite the unpleasant circumstances, Agatha hopes to rekindle their relationship. Meanwhile, newspaper reporter Matt Cole (Frank Lovejoy) follows Agatha to her former university, and proposes marriage. At first, she is reluctant.  But once she and Matt team up in a project to update the school’s antiquated curriculum, Agatha realizes who is her true love.

The supporting cast includes Eve Arden, Janice Rule, and Lurene Tuttle.

Running time: 107 Minutes.

Directed by Vincent Sherman.