Good Times (1967): Sonny and Cher in their Only Movie Together

In this minor but enjoyable flick, “Good Times,” the only movie they made together, singing duo Sonny and Cher star in this semi-affectionate, semi-amusing, self-referential fable about a performing couple named Sonny and Cher!

The film represents the directorial debut by William Friedkin (who in 1971 won the Oscar for “The French Connection”).
In the workable script by Tony Barrett, husband-and-wife singers Sonny and Cher get an offer to star in a movie, but Cher doesn’t want to do it because the script stinks.¬†Which means Sonny is given ten days to write a new script.¬†
Sonny has great ideas and vivid imagination, revealed in his fantasies about their future screen roles, but he still has to convince his stubborn girl to join him in this collaborative effort.
The supporting cast includes George Sanders, Norman Alden, and Larry Duran. Among other songs, the movie contains the hit tune “I Got You Babe,” which became intimately associated with the duo at the height of their popularity.
Running Time: 91 Minutes