Glory (1989): Zwick’s Civil War Drama with Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman

Glory, the Civil War movie, directed by Edward Zwick, was nominated for five Oscar awards and won 3: sound, cinematography and suppportng actor to Denzel Washington.

Matthew Broderick plays the young and callow Union officer Robert Gould Shaw, who takes charge of the 54thMassachusetts Regiment, a volunteer infantry unit composed of black soldiers.

Denzel Washington excels as an angry and defiant soldier, posited against Morgan Freeman, as a gentle and compromising one.


Oscar Nominations: 5

Supporting Actor: Denzel Washington

Cinematography: Freddie Francis

Art Direction-Set Decoration:

Sound: Donald O. Mitchell

Film Editing: Steven Rosenblum


Oscar Awards: 3

Supporting Actor




Oscar Context:

The winner of the Art Direction Oscar was Batman.  The Film Editing Award went to David Brenner and Joe Hutshing for Born on the Fourth of July.