Glass Slipper, The (1955): Charles Waters’ Musical Adaptation of Cinderella, Starring Leslie Caron

Charles Walters made The Glass Slipper, a musical adaptation of the classic fable Cinderella.

It was produced by Edwin H. Knopf from a screenplay by Helen Deutsch.

The film stars Leslie Caron as Cinderella, and Michael Wilding as the Prince.

The supporting cast includes Keenan Wynn, Estelle Winwood, Elsa Lanchester, Barry Jones, Lurene Tuttle, Liliane Montevecchi.

MGM gave the movie a lavish production, with major talents behind the cameras. The music score is by Bronislau Kaper, the cinematography by Arthur E. Arling, the art direction by Daniel B. Cathcart and Cedric Gibbons, and costume design by Walter Plunkett and Helen Rose.

Walter Pidgeon as Narrator.

The movie was moderately successful.  Made on a budget of about $2 million, it grossed around 3 million at the box-office.



Directed by Charles Walters
Produced by Edwin H. Knopf
Written by Helen Deutsch
Music by Bronislau Kaper
Cinematography: Arthur E. Arling
Edited by: Ferris Webster
Release date: March 24, 1955
Running time: 93 minutes


I am grateful to TCM for showing this film on November 21, 2019.