Ghost Story: Rooney Mara-Casey Affleck Supernatural Horror

A24 has released a trailer for the Rooney Mara-Casey Affleck  supernatural drama A Ghost Story, four months before it opens on July 7.

The clip shows a distraught Mara dealing with the tragedy of her deceased spouse, manifest as a simple ghost in a bed sheet.

“When I was little we used to move all the time,” Mara says. “I would write these notes, and I would fold them really small and I would hide them.”

“What did they say?” Affleck asks.

“They were just things I wanted to remember so if I ever wanted to go back, there would be a piece of me waiting,” Mara responds.

The film, which premiered in January at the Sundance Film Fest.  A24 acquired the U.S. rights prior to Sundance.

The tale takes place almost entirely in a house in Texas with a ghost wearing the bed sheet after Affleck’s character dies in a car accident.

David Lowery, who helmed Pete’s Dragon, directed the film.

The film is opening opposite Sony’s tentpole Spider-Man: Homecoming.