Get Out: Interracial Thriller

Get Out, the thriller about a young African-American man’s visit to his white girlfriend’s estate has scored good reviews for mixing thrilling scares and relevant social commentary.

Right now, it enjoys a rare 100% “fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The raves are ensuring that Get Out will get a warm reception at the multiplexes when it opens in 2,773 North American theaters on Friday, where it’s expected to pull in $18 million.

Universal is distributing the movie, which marks a departure for Jordan Peele, a writer-director known for his Comedy Central series Key & Peele.

It was produced by Blumhouse, the purveyor of low-budget horror hits like “Split” and “Paranormal Activity,” and cost a modest $4.5 million.

The studio has done a good job in keeping the film’s twisty plot a secret.