Gavagai: Rob Tregenza’s Screen Adaptation of Norway’s Famed Poet Tarjei Vesaas

Rob Tregenza’s cinematic vision was manifest in such Independent films as Talking to Strangers and The Arc and Inside Out.
Over the years, he has also worked with Jean-Luc Godard and, as a cinematographer known for his long takes, for Alex Cox and Bela Tarr, among others
In Gavagai, director Rob Tregenza and scribe Kirk Kjeldsen have adapted to the big screen the poetry of Tarjei Vesaas, who’s considered to be one of Norway’s greatest writers (1897-1970).

German businessman Carsten Neuer travels to Norway to finish the impossible translation of some Norwegian poems by Tarjei Vesaas into Chinese, a project begun by his late wife.

To that extent, he hires Niko, a down-on-his-luck tour guide, to drive him to the poet’s home and places of inspiration, hoping to stimulate his own translation.

On the road, the ghost of Carsten’s wife appears to him, while Niko struggles with the sudden consequences of his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

It is during this journey that the two very different men come to realize the transforming power of love, the limits of language, and the need for friendship.

Shot entirely in Telemark, Norway on 35mm, Cavagai stars Andreas Lust (Der RäuberThe King’s Choice, and the Oscar-nominated film Revanche), Anni-Kristiina Juuso (The Cuckoo and The Kautokeino Rebellion), and Mikkel Gaup (from Tregenza’s Inside/Out and Pathfinder and Breaking The Waves).