Gaby—A True Story (1987): Starring Norma Aleandro

Tri-Star (G. Brimmer Productions)
Luis Mandoki’s sentimental family melodrama concerns a young woman named Gaby Brimmer (well played by Rachel Levin), who was born with cerebral palsy, but despite great hardships, went through formal education and eventually became a published author.
Norma Alenadaro, who two years ago impressed audiences with her performance in the Oscar winning political melodrama, “The Official Story,” was nominated for playing the devoted maid, who’s able to communicate with Gaby, despite her basic inability to speak. The good cast also includes Liv Ullmann and Robert Loggia.
End Note:
The disease got a livelier, sharper portrait two years later in Jim Sheridan’s Irish made drama, “My Left Foot,” for which Daniel Day-Lewis received his Best Actor Oscar.
Oscar Alert
Oscar nominations: 1
Supporting Actress: Norma Aleandro
Oscar Context
The winner of Supporting Actress Oscar was Olympia Dukakis for the comedy “Moosnstruck,” which was nominated for Best Picture and won Cher a Best Actress Oscar.
The other nominees were Anne Archer for the thriller “Fatal Attraction,” Anne Ramsey in the comedy, “Throw Mamma from the Train,” and vet actress Ann Southern in “The Whales of August,” co-starring Bette Davis and Lillian Gish.