Front Cover: When Cultures and their Heroes Collide

Sexy, timely and relevant, FRONT COVER is a dramedy that tackles major issues that beset our culture now: homophobia, xenophobia, culture collision, social diversity, fluid identity, and so on.
The hero is Ryan (Jake Choi, well cast), a handsome, openly gay New York City fashion stylist, who rejects his traditional Asian upbringing.
Things change when Ryan is assigned to style Ning (James Chen), a famous Chinese actor, for an important photo shoot.
At first, the couple did not get along.  But after a rocky start, an unlikely friendship develops between them, leading Ryan to re-examine his roots and even consider an new path for his life and career.
A small-scale indie, FRONT COVER is an urban tale that offers a tender, funny look at clashing cultures.
Running Time: 87 Minutes