Frameup (1993): Jon (All the Vermeers in New York) Jost’s Road Movie

The elegance of All the Vermeers in New York suggested a new direction for Jon Jost, nut it’s a path he chose not to follow.

Frameup, a tragic-comic road movie about losers traveling through the NorthWest, is a reworking of a classic American genre.

The film’s two characters–Ricky Lee, a cocky ex-con, and Beth Ann, a ditzy waitress–are played by husband and wife actors Nancy Carlin and Howard Swain. The couple come to a requisite bad end, but there is redemption. As Beth Ann puts it, “death really isn’t so bad; it’s getting there that is.”

Jost combines elements of avant-garde, exploitation flicks and pulp fiction, with specific allusions to Bonnie and Clyde and Badlands. Set against the gorgeous landscapes of the NorthWest and banal interiors of motel rooms, Frameup is imbued with intense undercurrent of eroticism.