Fragile Trust, A: Samantha Grant’s Docu of Jayson Blair, N.Y. Times Infamous Plagiarist

Grant’s documentary, A Fragile Trust, tells the story of Jayson Blair, the infamous plagiarist, and how he unleashed the massive scandal that rocked the New York Times and the entire world of journalism.
In 2003, Blair was caught plagiarizing and supplementing his own reporting with fabricated details in dozens of stories published in the New York Times. The daily operations of the Times newsroom became a public spectacle as every major news outlet picked up the story.
Featuring exclusive interviews with everyone involved, including former Executive Editor Howell Raines and Blair himself, Fragile Trust is the first film to tell the whole story of the scandal while exploring broader themes of power, ethics, and responsibility in the mainstream media.
Producer and director Samantha Grant creates provocative documentaries that are solidly rooted in journalism. Through her company GUSH productions, Sam has created content for clients including MTV, ABC, PBS, CNN, NPR, FRONTLINE, FRONTLINE/World, and Al Jazeera International.
In 2007, Samantha Grant was named a Carnegie Knight fellow and in 2011, Sam was named a BAVC MediaMaker Fellow, where she began developing the Educational Game Decisions on Deadline as a companion project to A Fragile Trust.
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