For Those Who Think Young (1964): Beach Party Movie, Starring James Darren and Pamela Tiffin

The casting is the most interest element of For Those Who Think Young, beach party film shot in Techniscope, directed by Leslie H. Martinson and featuring James Darren, Pamela Tiffin, Paul Lynde, Tina Louise, Bob Denver, Nancy Sinatra, Robert Middleton, Claudia Martin and Woody Woodbury.

Origins of the film’s title: In 1961, Pepsi Cola changed their slogan from “Be Sociable” (used since 1958) to “Now It’s Pepsi For Those Who Think Young.” The film used extensive product placement for Pepsi Cola and other companies, including Jax Clothing, Baskin Robbins, Peter Pan swimswear, Buick and Honda.

Darren plays rich party boy Gardner Pruitt III, nicknamed “Ding” to his friends, is courting teenager Sandy Palmer (Pamela Tiffin).

Meanwhile, Ding’s influential grandfather, B.S. Cronin (Robert Middleton) aims to curtail the romance and shut down a popular local college hangout.

Sandy’s guardians Sid Hoyt (Paul Lynde) and Woody Woodbury (playing himself) get mixed up in the proceedings; Woody becomes the college kid’s hero at the hangout.

The college administration sends in Dr. Pauline Swenson (Ellen Burstyn, billed as Ellen McRae, sporting long blond wig), to investigate allegations of underage drinking.

When the clever kids discover that ex-gangster Grandpa Cronin was a bootlegger, they blackmail him into keeping the club open.

Jerry Fielding, later famous for his television themes, composed the score for the film. Mack David and Jerry Livingston wrote “For Those Who Think Love,” sung by James Darren over the opening credits.

Bob Denver sings “Ho Daddy, Surf’s Up” and “Ho Daddy, Surf’s Up (Reprise).”
Jimmy Griffin (later founder member of the 1970s band Bread), performs the song “I’m Gonna Walk All Over This Land,” accompanied by Paul Johnson (of The Bel-Airs), Glen Grey and Richard Delvy (both of The Challengers).

James Darren … Gardner ‘Ding’ Pruitt III
Pamela Tiffin … Sandy Palmer
Paul Lynde … Uncle Sid Hoyt
Tina Louise … Topaz McQueen
Bob Denver … Kelp
Nancy Sinatra … Karen Cross
Robert Middleton … Burford B. Sanford ‘Nifty’ Cronin
Claudia Martin … Sue Lewis
Ellen Burstyn … Dr. Pauline Swenson (billed as Ellen McRae)
Woody Woodbury … Uncle Woody Woodbury
Louis Quinn … Gus Kestler
Sammee Tong … Clyde
Jimmy Griffin … Singer
George Raft … Detective Lieutenant
Roger Smith … Smitty the Detective
Addison Richards … Dean Watkins
Paul ‘Mousie’ Garner … Mousie
Benny Baker … Lou
Anna Lee … Laura Pruitt
Jack La Rue … Cronin’s Business Associate
Allen Jenkins … Col. Leslie Jenkins
Robert Armstrong … Norman Armstrong